KDC Nipple Rings update

KDC Nipple Rings update

This update was long overdue, the nipple rings had several annoying bugs and hadn’t been updated to the newest code base for a while, here is a complete change log of all the changes since the earlier version (and I most likely forgot a few).

Now that they are up to date, they should receive more regular updates when changes to the base system benefit them.

  • Mirrored animations for cuffs ↔ piercings.
  • Various memory optimizations done on timers and lists.
  • Rings now glow fully on click.
  • RLV Activator is now compiled in LSL mode to reduce its memory footprint.
  • Descriptions from locks are capped to 30 characters max.
  • Chains and animations now survive relogging.
  • Updater use less memory and check for updates only once a day.
  • Removed the point ID numbers in the double-click info panel.
  • Created a special namespace for KDC/TB commands, less public LM chatter.
  • Detection of unchainable point now work properly.
  • RLV Unsit now only triggers when the avatar is out of range AND sitting.

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