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Ponyplay bridle work in progress #5

Stitches, and some texturing done, tested it in SL, even with this amount of detail it’s still about 35 prims.

I’m probably going to do the eyelets in 3D rather than paint them on.

Ponyplay bridle work in progress #4

And here is yet another episode of our regular show 🙂

Uvwmapping is done as far as I am concerned, all the UVs are packed in 3 maps, the mesh is merged, I added locking tabs and rollers to the buckles and corrected a few minor issues.

Mesh wise, I need to add eyelets to the straps  where the holes should be (unless I change my mind and draw them into the texture).

Texture wise, I need to start stitching everything.

Enjoy a few material testing and a look at the final UVs.

Ponyplay bridle work in progress #3

I think an update every 2-3 days is the right rate… everyday would be a little spamming and i generally do not have enough things done in one day.

I’ve added stitches to the entire bridle, it looked nice and then I deleted it all because if I keep adding details while the model isn’t a little more complete, it’s going to come back to bite me later. Now the goal is to complete the bending/mirroring of all the parts so we have a mesh that is complete and ready for detailing, and before this I need all the texture UVs to be in a reasonable state, simply because as long as everything is flat, it’s easy to make good-looking UVs.

I apologise for today’s pictures, but it’s the same bridle so i see no reason to post more fancy pictures until i get to the point where i will work on the textures.

So that’s what I’ve done most of the day, getting all the little parts UVWmapped, I will .. most likely pack all these on 3 distinct maps: base, accent, and metallic parts.

A friend of mine suggested that I add a support to add a personal logo on the bridle, the outside of the blinkers is a nice, mostly flat surface that would be perfect for that, so that’s probably what I will add once I’m done unwrapping the straps.

I still haven’t made any kind of bit, but considering it will work as an independent part, and that it’s a fairly easy shape, i will keep it for later.

Ponyplay bridle work in progress #2

A little update for those who are still following. Straps are more or less done, I added the edge details on them and the face contour of the bridle, smoothed the edge of the leather pieces so it’s more rounded. I also added a plume socket to the forehead strap.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep all those “inner face” rivet heads as polygons or if I will use the texture for that, they kinda eat a lot of polygons for detail stuffs. The outer ones however will stay as they are.

On the second set of pictures you can see how it looks with the material IDs set (in black and red, my favorite :D) So the inner face + edges will be independent of the outer face, maybe the metal bits too… I’m not sure yet.

Still a lot of work to do:

  • Unwrapping everything.
  • Adding the buckle prongs.
  • Adding eyelets (textures or polygons?)
  • Making stitches.
  • Figure out where the KDC logo would add an elegant touch without going all “advertisement” like.
  • Removing all the hidden surfaces.
  • Making LODs.
  • Rendering textures.
  • Scripting.

As usual, I’m open for suggestions 🙂

Mini release, the RevoSuit “petite” edition

A friend bugged me about this for a while so I finally gave in and ported the standard edition of the RevoSuit for “petite” female avatars ( They are custom rigged mesh avatars that are pixie sized ), it’s NOT in the KDC main shop, only at the following locations for now.

Secondlife Marketplace

The Petites Shopping Village

…Back to work on the bridle now.

The DeadRealm and Deviant road system

Since DeadRealm was joined to deviant, there was talk about extending the dead realm road system to it and eventually have a complete loop spanning across both sims.

I completed this task during the last weekend, including several hours of terraforming and texture lineup. There still is a lot of constructions “in the air” at the moment that will have to be placed down again, and a bunch of things needing textures, but the road loop is complete for anyone who want to take it for a spin.

A word of warning however, this is NOT a race track, it’s a two-way, two lane street and racing around with your average SL sport car can only end badly, the turns are fairly sharp, and even if there are some safety rails, you might end up diving in the bay!

I suggest either karting vehicles, or other small engine vehicles.

Ponyplay bridle work in progress #1

This is the first post on the creation of the new KDC mesh pony play bridle. I decided i would continue on the “boxing helmet” style because it has many elements that I like.

  • It looks very sturdy and non slipping.
  • It gives plenty of possible attachment points.
  • Lots of room for potential decorative elements.
  • The connecting straps can support interesting things like plumes and other stuffs. and doesn’t get too much in the way of the hairs/mane.

I’m thinking about a lot of things now, obviously the blinkers will be removable, most edges need some kind of padding, maybe I will make it in such a way that the inside and outside can be colored differently.

The forehead strap will need some thinking to make it looks pretty and can accommodate a plume.

I’m also thinking about the possibility of an

I know people will want a HUD too (check the included… preliminary “HUD view”) i have to think about the most elegant way to do this later.

I’m not entirely sure that i want to make the bit an integral part, the separate bit of the previous design worked well, and it will allow me to make it a piece that can also stand on its own (bit burrs, tongue depressor maybe?) so it can be work without the bridle.

Feel free to comment on those ideas and on the work done so far, I’m open to suggestions.

KDC made it to the SL Destination guide!

Like latex? KDC is a unique and moody adult-themed shop where you will find unique designs to fulfill your fantasies.

It turns out I finally made it to the Second Life destination guide, Now, KDC isn’t exactly in one of the major sections, considering i can’t access it from the viewer “Destination” page or from the login screen, but i guess it’s a start.

I Really doubt that they will give me a spot on the viewer’s first page anytime soon, but at least now they recognize that KDC exists, that’s a good thing right?

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