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This is coming along pretty nicely

Don't you think?

Status Update #2

Now that my little rant is out of my system, here are a few things I’ve been working on:

  • General animation update for the touchbound cuffs, I found a  way to fix the glitchy behavior of my arm and leg animations, this will be released once i replaced all the animations that caused trouble, i will probably also update the straitjacket for the same reason.
  • I’m working on a set of nipple piercings that will be touchbound enabled, that means chaining, and a few wrist tied to nipples poses.
  • For those piercings i made a different locking mechanism that rely on a unique tool to close/open the rings, you can on top of it still use a padlock as an added safety, or to secure the chain.
  • I’m planning to add extra features, like the ability to get weights, bells and other accessories to hang from the rings.
  • Probably also the classic “hud” for changing textures/colors, but i think i want to stay classic with only colored metals.
  • Maybe extra ring shapes, I’m wondering if there is a market for different wire gauges and diameters, my test rings set so far are 10 gauge wire with a 13mm diameter. Piercing fans, give me a few pointers on this?

Status update

I always found strange/funny/sad that, while I, and a lot of small/independent developers can correct a small bug or carry out a small feature request, and deploy it in only one hour or less. On the other hand i find sad examples like these:

Actalogic / UIG Entertainment

(developers/publishers of Agrar Simulator/Agricultural Simulator 2011)

They seems to be unable to provide even a single patch since the game release ( 3-4 months ago ) despite a lot of empty promises from the forum staff the game is in the same state since it’s release with a multiplayer that barely qualify as an alpha and many bugs left and right that result in lost implements or corrupted saves.

I know that patches hae to go through QA in a company before being released but… seriously, on steam the game is advertised as being multiplayer!

Timegate Studio

(developers of Section 8 and now Section 8: prejudice)

While i can only applause them for taking upon themselves to release a sequel to their own game without the support of a publisher, I can’t help but wonder why they still haven’t patched elementary problems ( 1 month since release ) like the FOV stuck at 75 (this is a real problem in a game where a few weapons like the knife and the shotgun require engaging other players at point-blank range.

Also, what kind of sick  joke are they trying to pull by making dedicated server (ranked or not) only available through a single game server provider (have they never heard of players who host their own servers?) I don’t really know if they are actually trying to drive their game into the ground on purpose, but I know that the Peoples who could be running their own servers on their own hardware don’t like being double dipped “just because”.

It makes you wonder what is the point of becoming an independent game company if you’re going to behave even worse than under the heels of a producer…


Now do not misunderstand me, those games, in my opinion are good. The companies making them however are… well they are terrible.

Stuffed Ballgag Version 5 … already!

A nasty little glitch slipped in the V4 (and maybe previous versions too) so I’m releasing a v5 *bugfix* version. Nothing changed excepted the ballgag reset itself around the neck on first use, and the default saved positions work properly.

I apologize for this.

Stuffed ballgag version 4 changes

I just pushed a ninja update on the Stuffed Ballgag and added a small new feature:

You can now add a notecard in the root prim of the gag called “name_override” to force the name that the gag will use for the speech garbler to something else. It seems a lot of peoples today use non unicode characters in their display names and it makes the garbler show “???” instead of a proper name.

full explanations can be found here.

If you want me to add a new feature to products or correct a bug you found, IM me, or drop me a mail, or a notecard.

Updated to baselayout 2

I just finished the update to baselayout 2 for, using this pretty handy gentoo guide: .

I have to admit i was pretty scared about the idea that i just might make the system completely unbootable, but everything seems to be working just fine for now. But apparently, as long as you follow carefully the documentation, you should be fine.

Just a little thing, if you have to do this migration too and, like me, use a non US keyboard and happen to have encrypted disks that need password entry during the boot sequence, there used to be a glitch on baselayout 1, where the system would be in qwerty even with your keymap set to a different keymap in /etc/conf.d/keymaps . Just keep in mind that this time your system will boot with the keymap you have set, so you might need to enter your passwords with the normal keymap this time.

I still have a lot of PHP related work to do before I can resume my usual SL activities.

It’s formatting time

I just got a brand new SSD drive to soup up a little my (slowly) aging computer, it will take me a little while to “recover” so I might be unavailable for a day or two.

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