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A touch of style, the fetish maid

This is an ensemble i’ve put together with several KDC products and a few from other designers (and a lot of inputs from friends) the idea was to put together a maid uniform suitable for a fetish environment while keeping a certain “prim and proper” look rather than going into a tarty stereotype.

I hope this will give peoples some inspiration, some elements are using the same attachment point so you will probably need a viewer 2.0 if you want to achieve a simmilar look.

Products used:

  • KDC Rubber Housekeeper (black).
  • KDC Leather peekaboo.
  • KDC lined chrome ankle cuffs.
  • KDC fur lined cuffs (I tinted the little fur bits in white).
  • Black hot heart pumps ,made by Freyr Darkstone.
  • Nimue haircut from Maitreya (Charcoal)

Little status update

I haven’t done much the past 10 days, between being away from home and having to deal with minor Real Life issues.

I’m planning to work more on the chore system, but i also would like to move TouchBound forward, and because of this I’m open for advice. To all those who use/used and like the system.

As a little recap, here is all i have made so far for the TouchBound system:

What kind of product should i release using the TouchBound system?

  • New cuff types ? (I’ve really been tempted on this simply because I love pretty cuffs)
  • New kind of objects to add more interactions?
  • Anything else?
I am really open to suggestions so go wild, even completely crazy.

Stuffed ballgag update

There has been a little packaging error with the stuffed ballgag causing it to be nocopy nomod notrans, the  new version with fixed permissions should be sent to you next time you attach it.

Housekeeping uniform, upgraded & improved

Sorry for the lack of update for January, I was busy.

This has been irking me for a little while, the seams on the skirt of the housekeeping uniform where off. That and I also wanted to try a few tweaks on the latex, I also wanted to create a few striped styles so this is done.

so that means 5 new striped styles and  a general improvement for the other styles. Updates are free, as usual.

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