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Some peoples don’t seems to ‘get’ sculpted prims.

I’m a prim sculptor myself, but sometimes I buy things because it’s faster for me to get something partially ready for my use and then tweak it to my needs rather than starting from scratch, especially when I’m only decorating my home in SL and not going to make a cent from it.

Anyway… I was browsing for a nice dining room set, there are a couple on the marketplace that appears to be quite nice, yet when I look at the primcount I almost wonder why those people even bother making sculpts.

Bottom line:

If you are making a sculpted chair and it still comes up as 19 prims, you are doing something really wrong and probably shouldn’t use sculpted prims in the first place.

One of the main advantages of using sculpted prims is to get similar/more details for a lower prim cost, and that’s what , as a customer, I am looking for.

KDC Institutional Straitjacket 1.3.1

I had to do a small adjustment of the minimum RLV version check because at the time of writing this, Phoenix is using a slightly lower version number for RLV ( ) everything should work now.

Thank you Skills Hak for pointing this out!

KDC Institutional Straitjacket 1.3

I just released an update to the KDC Institutional Straitjacket, as usual just contact me for getting your updated version and get back your leather texture pack (for those who own it) before deleting your old one.

Changes in 1.3:

  • Added support for Display names in texts.
  • Added support for User names along with Legacy names for the whitelist format.
  • Changed notecard permissions to fullperm to avoid problems with access list change detection.
  • Fixed the RLV lock to be “attachment bump” proof.
  • Removed cooldown cancelling if you tried to free yourself before the time is up (it only tells you that you are too tired now)
  • Added automatic edit prevention when using the RLV locking.
  • Modified the whitelist parsing so it ignore whitelist modifications when tied up.
  • New chest invisible prims with better coverage.
  • Removed an unneeded script.
NOTE: The leather texture pack was packaged in a previous version by error, this is fixed now. (For those who profited of the mistake, consider it a gift ^_^ )

as usual all this can also be found in the up to date documentation

Some work done on the library

I made proper shelving for the manor’s library, now we only have to add a few furnitures and maybe replace the tables and this room should be done. Akari is going to write us a nice book database, should someone want to actually use this room.

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