Halloween claws in-world tests

Over the past couple days I’ve moved fairly quickly through both the low-poly modeling of the Halloween claws, but also UV unwrapping, and made all the LOD sub-models for the left & right-hand variant (that’s right, all by hand because I’m such a glutton for punishment). There was a few failed attempts due to fingers clipping through (on my avatar at least) and some weird shading oddities that, I believe, are all fixed now.

I’ve separated each claw and its respective retainer ring so that you can show/hide whatever you want to use or not (I don’t use the retainer rings when I’m wearing gloves for instance).

The current texture is really, really basic with a tiny bit of shading (tin-table texture) and a smooth normal map. I want to make a few variants next week, (as long as time allows for it). Something metallic, maybe some engraving? I don’t really want to make them too similar to last year’s.

That being said, suggestions are welcome.

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