Cell project: some more progress

Cell project: some more progress

(It’s not a bed, it’s literally just a prim I had there)

As I mentioned before I’ve made a version of the barred section without the slot, those textures, including the window ones are done.
I’ve given a second pass to all the repeating beam sections to make sure none of them have inverted UVs, since SL doesn’t like that very much.

I’ve also moved the window a little higher, fixed the cell mesh & lodded it properly.

And finally, an attempt at a wire glass material for the glass pane that sits in the window frame (outside the bars makes sense right?).

Things that remain:

  • 1 or more door variants with hatch and stuff.
  • Material for the tiled section.
  • Possibly a better floor texture and/or decal versions.
  • Ceiling lamp.
  • Chain anchor plates.
  • Texturing the root prim as some sort of fuse/light/control housing. (It HAS to be a prim because of a weird SL quirk related to sculpted prims, which I need for TB locks).

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