More collar updates

I pushed yesterday’s update on the other collars (all the TB collars minus the braced collar) and added the following:

  • The classic leather shock collar ‘s anti bark feature will not zap you for using emotes anymore.
  • When a TB item is locked, it will not be editable or adjustable anymore.
  • The double-click menu now shows the right RLV status.
  • The animation re-applier is no longer tied to the action of sitting and will check for missing animations every 10 seconds.

One Response to “More collar updates”

  • Felina Kitty:

    Meant to post this yesterday, but aaanyway: emotes started with /me are properly unpunished, but emotes started with /me’s (Felina Kitty’s throat works beneath her collar, that sort of thing) are still getting punished.

    Ideally, in the long term, it’d be great if the anti-bark punisher could monitor text in between quotation marks in emotes and evaluate those for punishment, like the newer RF gags do for garbling.

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