Clarification of the previous post

The reason there hasn’t been any progress on the chastity belt is that i was adding some improvements to the TouchBound base code to support it properly.

The belt is going to use 6 anchor points for a total of 8 sensing zones, that’s a lot more than what my other products have and I needed to make sure it would fit in the tiny memory left in the core script.

I also decided to do some standardization in how objects relate to each others. Before, you would generally have to click the wrist cuffs first because clicking the collar first would serve no animations (the collar had no animation support). This is now a thing of the past and I do intent to have the system work consistently regardless of the clicking order, excepted specific cases such as the collars back locks, which does NOT (yet) feature a locking ring (back locks only lock the object in place).

I also wrote a new synchronisation system in order to restart missing animations when the avatar is logged off/on.

I will roll updates for most of the current TB products in the coming days, and once this is done I will finish the chastity belt implementation.

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