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Some more bug squashing and teaser pictures

I haven’t posted pictures for a while now, so I thought i would add a few, the mitts have the same chain system that the wrist cuffs have, with more features, they have their own HUD for selecting textures, and they are detected as LockMeister anchor points and TouchBound targets.

I’m planning to release them at first with the animations from the shared cuff set and a manual alpha setter, also, when time allow to lightly tweak the chained poses to account for the mitts size.

If there is a demand for it I will also add a RLV enabled alpha setter (the alpha layer has to be put on manually for now.

I also discovered another bug that need to be squashed in all the products, the tp blocking when leashed is not refreshing properly which can cause issues, but also makes it behave erratically. This will be fixed before I release the mittens.

The last two bits I still have to code are the following:

  • The mittens to remotely cancel touch interactions for non RLV user. For RLV users, wearing both mitts and locking them prevent you to touch or edit any objects in world. It still let you use your HUDs.
  • The “safety” feature I was talking about in my earlier post so you cannot lock the mitts with biometric locks that you marked yourself. I need to come up with a comprehensive error message for this too…

For those who wonder, the TouchBound objects are … Really complex under the hood, mainly because they do a lot of background work for the user and they are all communicating with each others to keep the limb animation system synchronized, I’m trying to make them work in such a way that they are as transparent as possible for the user.

Several persons reported that the whole “clicking business” is a bit difficult to use for the average user, and i understand this problem. I’m open for suggestions on this matter if anyone think they have a solution ( one that doesn’t involve abandoning the “natural use” concept completely).

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