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RLV? Yep

I just added RLV support to my straitjacket, this proved pretty much easier than i thought hehe.

This is an interesting attempt for the leather texturepack.


More pictures as soon as i can get a few decent ones.

trying to reinvent myself…

Yes it looks nice, no, it really suck in SL.


Finished the sculpts, time to texture

it’s a total of 18 sculpted prims, that compose my straitjacket, a grand total of… 29 prims, those primcounts you get with sculpts are so low compared to regular models….
I think that now i’m going to make more stuffs locally in my opensim installation and only upload final textures…


News from the loonies


Winter Ventura our most recent admission to the ward posing the latest iteration of the KDC straitjacket with a mockup texturing.

Windows 7

So far, so good, it seems like the much better and matured brother of vista. Haven’t had any MAJOR compatibility issues.

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