rebuilding the avatar

Well again i’ve been doing not much for a lot of time.

My intention is to produce a completely new range of latex/leather products, in order to do this i need to sharpen my tools. This is why i started the mad project of rebuilding the high resolution sl avatar that i had been using … from complete scratch.

Once this is done i should be able to release a new version of my latex catsuits that will totally blow your eyes 🙂 aswell as other high quality products. Of course.

(Yep it isn’t that amazing looking, there is a lot of stuffs not modeled or not finished.)

To all the latex designer of SL … Count your days 🙂

3 Responses to “rebuilding the avatar”

  • Marcus:

    Looks good already though!

    (and you updated – (c: hooray!)

  • Ryd:

    I look forward to your new stuff. I understand about the market getting saturated, but quality always rises to the top. Good luck!

  • Kyrah Abattoir:

    Thanks 🙂 but for what i have seen, it’s the cheapest that usually win 🙂

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