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The KDC victorian maid is out! (Finally)

After what seems like MONTHS (well it was months…)

The KDC Victorian maid uniform is out, this highly fashioned 1850-1900 style maid uniform should please to all the victorian/steampunk afficionados and also those that feel house employees should look prim and proper, and certainly not slutty.

Each set comes with skirt and top, prim elements for the apron bow, dress shoulders and cuffs a swell as a prim hat and a filling elements for the chest.

The vendor allow you to mix and match the following elements to create your own maid uniform style:


-plain black, the classic serving style.
-striped blue, this would be more fore light chores around the house.
-striped lilac, same as blue.
-striped light grey, this tone would be more for a cook or a kitchen/scullery maid.


-long, very protective, heavy works.
-knee length, good for serving or tasks where you are sitting down.


-standard style, the classic dress collar.
-standup collar (mandarin), a bit restrictive but strict looking.
-emily (mix between a standup and a standard collar), a bit of both styles.

apron bib:

-no bib, looks like a half apron
-square, classic work apron look
-rounded, like the square one but the bib is made of one piece with a rounded neck opening.
-V style, what i call the “travel bib” not exactly covering, open in a V shape on the dress.
-3 pannels, very simmilar to the square bib excepted the straps at the front form a large and very covering bib.

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