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A little insider look

Some might wonder about the way i work in SL, here is a little insider picture to show you the work involved in creating the buckled latex corset.

Okay , impressed? well this is the “mold” that i used to make, it or, actually a detail from it. Of course Sl being what it is , not a lot of the details remain once put into 2D. But you have a little idea now on how i work and how much time is invloved in an outfit.

following popular demand, here is a wallpaper version, click:

New stuff, KDC hooded tank top

This little release is inspired of an old game, there was this girl and well… there we go, it has a little biker feel with the bug eyes goggles, unfortunately not many bikers in SL.


data disk toasted #3

okay i submitted the disk to a tech to get the data recovered, he say he couldn’t recover much and that the disk might have electromechanical issues… yeah, maybe, anyway i don’t think the data i was wishing to get back is worth a trip to the lab wich will cost between 500 and 1000€

I am gonna write this as a lesson, it could have been much worse.

I am probably lucky to have a 3 months old backup, not everything is lost this way.

Anyway, show must go on, so i will stop worrying about my data now as it’s prolly lost for good. Time to get some KDC work done ^^

data disk toasted #2

Okay a bit of news, some hours scanning the drive with various tools, some a bit successfull , some not, i am hoping to find on that will be able to recover my most critical files properly.

I keep those interested informed and makes a call, if you know any tool that might help.

data disk toasted

I am shaking earth and sky to save what can be saved, if KDC die you will know why.

KDC’s lycra suits are out!

After way too long (as usual with me, get used to it i guess) i finally released the lycra catsuits, they have a sort of sparkly shine and a sort of fabric feel that makes it very different of the latex and simmilar at the same time. I hope it will please the ponyplay enthousiasts as i made it with them in mind!


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