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some work on cypress hill


i started rebuilding my giant queen Anne house from scratch and fully by the numbers, to avoid the little gaps the old one had, this picture show the 2 floor on 3, and no, the doors won’t stay like that ^_^ .

Emma: victorian romance volume 1 to 5


i finished the 5 first SLBooks of a lovely manga called “Emma: victorian romance”
it is available for free at my main shop

you can click here to go in the main shop

the utility gag release

this fine piece of craftmanship is built around a drilled ballgag with an all purpose tube attachment, allowing to screw into it various tools and toys.
utility gag

  • plug: when the gag tube isn’t really used.
  • broom: flexi enabled mini duster.
  • shoe brush: shoe polish not included ^_^.
  • ashtray: round regular ashtray with a thin smoke coming from it.
  • funnel: white plastic funnel with an open close valve that drain the liquid in the funnel trough the gag, the liquid color can be changed to your tastes.
  • cocktail bottle: pub style cocktail distributor, give drinks on click, deliver 3 different drinks.
  • candles: upright and L shaped candle holder, emit light and flame particles
  • all purpose plate: rubber topped modify it to make it hold whatever you wish
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