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Secondlife hair creators invent virtual hair lice?

Here is a little story about my experience with buying a “Maitreya Nimue” ( Created by Onyx LeShelle ) hair pack in SecondLife, which is one of the few specialized products that I believe i’m better off buying than attempting to build myself.

I made this cute little script a few weeks ago that show an animated hover text over your head when you are typing, so that, would you chose to disable the sound and typing animation, peoples can still know that you are typing something. Simple enough right?

Now when I buy hairs I like to get them MOD COPY, and I never buy nomod hairs, being a builder, I always end up tweaking this and that, add or remove parts of it.

Now to add a script to an attachment you have to rez it on your land and drop the script inside, which I tried to do. To my surprise, every time I tried the hairs would disappear. It didn’t take me very long to figure out it wasn’t the sim having a glitch but YET ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE PESKY “PROTECTION” SCRIPTS.

Turned out after editing the hairs on a noscript land (yeah , that’s all it takes to fool this “bullet proof” copy protection. That there was no script in the root prim, nor aparently in none of the hair prims. Yeah it was much more vicious, there was tiny little prims scattered here and there (3 to 5) inside the hair prims, and these where holding the pesky protection script.

Hello hair creators? I buy MOD creations from you that means I expect MODIFY RIGHTS, I had to spend 10 minutes on each color of the hair pack to basically DELOUSE each haircut!

Yes, delouse because what else can it be? it’s tiny, near invisible, and annoying as hell!

Now for the fun here is a little review of the thing:

Personal rating: 0/10 , Your stuff can look amazing and professional, as long as you try to pull bullshit like this, I won’t shop at your place anymore, there are plenty of honest hair designers to satisfy me, it doesn’t protect you, it doesn’t work, it only piss your legitimate customers.

Kyrah Abattoir
Creator of BDSM and fetish content in Second Life since 2004.

Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, aspiring video game creator.