More cage features.

Alright, I have to admit there is a lot more to do than I thought (wasn’t this cage supposed to be a “small” project?). Here is a little breakdown of what’s done (in green) and what’s left to do (in red):

  • TouchBound Locking.
  • RLV Relay support to restrict touch distance, tp, cage editing and prevent sit teleport.
  • RLV Tracking/teleport of cage occupants on relog.
  • Notecard configuration.
  • Option to open doors automatically on unlock.
  • Option to restrict locking by users and by group.
  • Option to have the doors self unlock after a fixed time.
  • Sitting with adjustable Z position.
  • Custom sound effects for opening/closing/rattling.
  • Sitting animations.
  • Multiple chaining points inside the cage.
  • Texture configuration.
  • Final textures.
  • Multi tether code for all TB items.

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