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Sneak peek at my latest soon to be done outfit

New kitchen range model

I”ve been working in a final model for the kitchen range, which is supposedly the heart of the chores system. has:

-3 (four?) hot plates
-smoke chimney
-2 ovens
-baking oven
-water boiler 
-ashes collector

Lighting stuffs is fun!

Still on the house project here is a new object, took me -2 hours top.

New in progress stuffs

To go with my chores project i wrote a multi purpose attachment tool, well this little thing is great but it  has some data retension limits thus the attachments it use are limited to a single sculpt.

So as an exercise i started making various objects for the chores system. Here is the results of the past 3 days:


buckets: empty, water, soapy water, dirty soapy water, ashes, coal


i insist, each of these objects weight 1 prim :p

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