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KDC Prison Cell Hotfix

I’m still technically on break but some things can’t wait apparently.

I just pushed version 3 of the prison cell on the updater. It should greatly improves RLV relay compatibility.

If you don’t want to re-rez everything, just swap the “_KDC Cell Core” script, that’s the only change.

Have a good weekend everyone!

The KDC Raider Harness Gag is out!

Raider Harness Gag

The “Quadruped assault unit” engineering team contracted KDC Industries to design the “Raider Harness Gag”, a flexible and sturdy piece of equipment to limit the potential damage caused by some of their more aggressive genetically engineered raiding units.

Long story short, they had a really bad biting problem and we designed the hardware to tame those wild beasts. The amount of drooling this gag harness causes is still an issue…

And here we are! After more than two months of work, I can proudly release this new addition to the KDC product line!

  • RLV locking
  • Speech garbling.
  • 8 base texture colors & 8 stitching colors.
  • 16 gag ball styles, 1 to 5 breathing holes, smooth, 8-ball, and a bunch more!
  • Fully editable in-world (good editing experience required there).
  • Drooling effect.
  • Etc…

I’m still fleshing out the manual (distinct lack of pictures at the time of this post), but it should be complete enough for release.

I hope you’ll like all the little details as much as I enjoyed obsessively making them.

As usual, you can find it on the Second Life Marketplace or from the KDC Main Store in dead realm (10% off).

Enjoy ✌

More code.

More code! I’ve finished writing the hud, the receiver, the skin selector for the ball styles, I added a button for it on the HUD, you can also just click the gag strap.

Some of the ball styles actually ignore the color that the hud sets if the design is already colored.

Potential bugs aside, I believe that I am done with the code side of things. Soo… YAY?

Kyrah’s 17th Rez-Day Party!

I’m organizing a little party on the Dead Realm pier to celebrate 17 years surviving Second Life. Everyone is welcome ^_^.

When? Next Saturday – July 10th, 2021 at 11:00 am SLT.
Where? The Dead Realm pier.
Theme? None really, just come hang out for a bit.

Radio silence but also code

I’m sorry for the lack of updates this week. I was a bit sick on Monday and also today, it doesn’t appear to be anything serious so no worries. Despite that, I’ve done some progress on the gag project. A good chunk of the code I need is complete, and besides the HUD, what remains is mostly details & “nice to have” aspects that I might or might not go with.

It has a style selector (for the ball) that can be accessed when the gag is unlocked (a bit like the Avara hood), the in/out system of the stuffed ballgag, and an overhead chaining point like the head cage.

Quite the hybrid little thing.

Ballgag project finally nearing completion!

I’ve finished LOD-ing everything for the ballgag project, all the final models are uploaded (18 parts total, it’s adjustable but no one said it was gonna be easy right?) and re-assembled in SL.

I had to eyeball everything since all the parts have been angled to make them easier to scale in length.

Ignore the texture stats obviously, I have to finish up the final texture uploads, and then it’s code time!

Last batch of ball designs, and some LOD modeling

I finished the 3 last ball designs I wanted. I know it doesn’t cover every possible desire out there, but I have to stop somewhere right?

In addition, I can always make more later if there is a demand for that.

I also started making the LOD models for the different straps, I included a picture but there isn’t a whole lot to see there really: gradually more aggressive reduction while keeping the general shape of the object alive.

Some of the social media sites I post on are getting a bit annoying with their “lewd image detection”, maybe I should start using a bright red demon skin for picture showcases :3

Quick friday update!

Nothing important, just a quick Friday update featuring more balls 😛

I’ve redone the details & coloring on the poke-n-ball to make it look more vibrant with exaggerated details.

Also made an 8-ball (popular idea for some reason) and the “nine-ball”.

Balls for the ball god!

Hey so… I heard you liked options? Ball options? :3

A few of those you’ve already seen, but these are all the gag ball textures I managed to finalize today, with the exception of the poke-n-ball© which needs a little more work To really “pop” I think.

The golf ball was easy, there is a visible seam running along the side but it is barely visible. Most of the remaining options I have to do are basically decals.

Gag ball texture experiment!

It was about time to test whether the gag ball texture system would work right?

Good news: It works.

I encountered some mesh export issues that turned out to be a small blender bug related to the exporting of parented objects. The ball material itself needs a little bit of love, but the effect works quite well.

That molding seam I”ve added is unlikely to ever be visible, but if anything, it helps to line up the ball when editing. That version with all the ridges looks like a chew toy 😛

The texture is a bit larger than I’d like for something like this but “oh well”. Now I “just” have to come up with a handful of good (and not so good) ball ideas 😛

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