Secondlife and Pedophilia, the non event.

Secondlife and Pedophilia, the non event.


Has Internet Mob Justice Gone Too Far?

I do not plan to remove the content of this post but if you don’t believe me, I’m told there is an archived copy here ->

I suggest you watch these two videos before reading further.

Second Life: Threat Of Paedophiles

Virtual Abuse Park Closes After Sky News

Before the computer age Pedo related pictures required actual childrens, so there was a real harm done to create such images. The computer age allow peoples to create pictures of whatever subject they want without using a single piece of real life photos, aparently this seems to disturb a lot of peoples that love to think that when they see something disturbing, the artist is equally disturbed.

Such a convenient logical falacy that if you draw rape scenes you are a rapist and the peoples downloading your drawings are rapist too isn’t it?

There is a law that ban pedo pornographic pictures that are being produced by computers in such a way as being indistinguishable from a real photo, i guess that the law enforcement doesn’t want to try delivering a poor abused children that doesn’t actually exist (imagine the ridicule of the situation when they bust the door of the rapist only to find him at his computer posing a 3D model over a photographed room).

The miserable so called journalists that work for this pile of turd that is SkyNews thought this would be a good way for them to make a nice canned little scandal article about Secondlife.

Now here is my question, if an ADULT play a child avatar and have VIRTUAL SEX with another ADULT in a VIRTUAL WORLD

Where is exactly the problem?

Nowhere, it’s just a fantasy, that’s as harmful as reading a novel on the web and i am sure many of us have very dark fantasies, oh yeah but it’s fine we aren’t in the spotlight aren’t we?

Who does it bother? , not the kids, they don’t care about this… oooh of course, peoples that are sickly nozey and like to look at what their neighbors do, the kind that would wonder if they can call the police because a father take photos of his kinds at the playground. The kind of peoples that want to reassure themselves that they are normal.

Banning simulated child pornography, not only has no incidence on reducing the amount of child abuses across the world, it is the begining or making “bad” thoughts a crime. We used to be able to be think freely and share our thoughts to others, but this is the begining of the end as now they believe in order to save childrens they must forbid peoples to draw disturbing fantasies.

What they want is to put a shroud over the eyes of the peoples.

“Cachez ce sein que je ne saurait voir”

If you hide representations of something, it doesn’t cease to exist.

Curiously, nobody seems to care about ultra violent representations, that’s soo mainstream isn’t it? I guess this means the Dolcett and BDSM communites are safe for now (joking).

One Response to “Secondlife and Pedophilia, the non event.”

  • spinster:

    “Curiously, nobody seems to care about ultra violent representations, that’s soo mainstream isn’t it? I guess this means the Dolcett and BDSM communites are safe for now (joking).”

    Sadly, in the UK, from January 2009, this will no longer be the case.

    You can read all about this poorly thought out and worded law and its farcical implications here:

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